Seattle Stairway Walks: An Up-and-Down Guide to City Neighborhoods 

by Jake & Cathy Jaramillo

* The only guidebook to stairway walks in Seattle
* Explore Seattle neighborhoods in a new way with these interesting walks in Seattle
* Written for people of all ages who want to get outside, exercise, and explore
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Stairway Spring Cleaning Day - April 26th


Stairway Spring Cleaning Day is jointly sponsored by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Feet First and the City of Seattle. To sign up for a stairway near you, click here

Fremont—N 46th Street and 1st Avenue NW
Leschi—S King Street beween 30th Avenue S and 31st Avenue S
Mount Baker—Along 31st Avenue near the Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint
Beacon Hill—S Hanford Street, between 25th Ave S and Cheasty Blvd S
Beacon Hill—S Hanford Street, between Cheasty Blvd S and Morse Avenue S
Beacon Hill— College Street between Beacon Avenue and 13th Avenue
Rainier Valley— S Redwing Street and Rainier Avenue S
Rainier Valley— S Pilgrim Street between Waters Alley S & 61st Street S
Rainier Valley— S Norfolk Street between Waters Alley S and Rainier Avenue S
Rainier Valley— S Cooper Street between Waters Alley S & Rainier Ave S
Rainier Valley— S Thayer Street and Rainier Avenue S
West Seattle/Genesee— SW Hanford Street and 46th Avenue SW
West Seattle/Genesee— SW Genesee Street and 49th Avenue SW
West Seattle/Highland Park— SW Myrtle Street and Delridge Way SW 



King County Library Book Talks

We're excited about giving book talks at several King County Library locations as part of their "Start to Fitness" series!

Join us, as we use words and pictures to share some of the visual, historical and artistic delights along our beautiful stairways. And you'll learn about the fitness bang-for-your-buck you get by taking the stairs! 

More details will be available soon at the King County Library website. We look forward to seeing you at one of these venues:

May 27, 7PM at Des Moines

May 31, 2PM at White Center

June 5, 7PM at Shoreline (Richmond Beach Library)

July 9, 7PM at Mercer Island 

October 10, 1PM at Bellevue (Lake Hills Library)